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Moment Pebble

Remember yourself



Time for you

Life has never been busier or more stressful. We live in an always on, connected society. Even rewarding habits can be hard to keep.

Taking a moment, for yourself, a few times a day can reduce stress, increase energy and boost the immune system.

We developed the Moment Pebble to make it easier to take a moment for you during your day.

“A pocket-sized essential carry for busy people who want to experience the benefits of meditation or mindfulness.” - Roz, 34, North London

Our Purpose


"To increase the cognitive capacity of the human race"

We’re a purpose lead rather than profit lead business, We aim to share the design of the Moment Pebble freely to allow others to manufacture similar products without licensing restrictions – meaning more people are able to benefit from mindfulness practice and a greater cognitive capacity.


For Everyone

Wherever you are in life, a 30 second point of focus is a soul tonic away from the lives we lead and can improve concentration, well-being and appreciation of life.

The Start

Alex and Charlie met working at a digital agency in the early 2010’s.  Discovering a shared appreciation of mindfulness and meditation, they agreed they both hugely benefited from their practice, however found they would often drop out of the habit.

What if we had a gentle prompt? A very simple object which would be as useful today as it would be in 200 years time. One that wouldn’t end up in landfill and was refreshingly unconnected to technology.  

One that you could have with you any time, anywhere to remind you to take a moment for you.

And so the Moment Pebble was born. 

 The several prototypes on the road to the final product.

The several prototypes on the road to the final product.

We see the Moment Pebble as one of many ways people can reap the benefits of mindfulness or meditation and we will be recommending other products we have found useful as we build out this site.

Our vision is to play a part in making mindfulness more accessible –and thus ultimately improving the cognitive ability of us all.