Being mindful? No thanks.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about mindfulness. And how effective it is when it’s weaved into our lives. Benefits range from being a kinder and nicer person, to improving our focus, energy and clarity. 

Even recognising this, most of us still don’t carve out time for mindfulness.


Because it’s hard, that’s why.
It’s hard to sit quietly and just be.
We aren’t programed for moment of stillness. 
We live in a world that glorifies being “busy”.

A busy mind is a normal mind. I once heard an estimate that we have over 80,000 thoughts a day. 80,000 thoughts a day! That’s an insane number of thoughts floating in our brain.
All those years of busy mind,
years of creating and maintaining dramas,
years of stresses and confusion…
no wonder we can’t just turn it off.

Our minds craves entertainment. Stimulation. Constant action.

So we panic when confronted with the idea of slowing down.
Taking a moment.
Having to sit with ourselves.
And just (gasp) be. 

It feels daunting. Overwhelming. Hard even.  

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Creating mindful moments in your day is as simple as taking 30 seconds. Just a moment to focus, breathe and give your poor mind a rest. Yes that same mind that thinks 80,000 thoughts every. single. day.

Just for a moment, tell it to take a break. Check out. Turn off. Allow your mind the chance to be in the moment, not do in the moment. 

What can mindfulness do for you?

Thanks to emerging research and mainstream media exposure, mindfulness isn’t hidden in ancient spiritual texts, monasteries and ashrams. Now everyone all over the world uses it. Schools, workplaces, hospitals, homes. It’s increasingly employed and for good reason.

Productivity, creativity, mental clarity and emotional well-being. All proven to improve when you take time to be mindful and present. 

Direct impacts:
- Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
- Improved connection to your body
- Improved relationships with friends, family and co-workers
- Increased productivity, creativity and motivation
- Improved memory, concentration and cognitive ability
- Improved pain management in your body
- Overall improved well being 

Anyone. Anytime.

With all the talk about mindfulness circulating, there’s very little actual help. Very few tools have been created to help you engage in mindfulness. That was the motivation behind Moment Pebble. We want to bring mindful moments into people’s busy lives in an easy, fast way. 

Think about including mini mindful moments in your day. Refresh, ground and centre yourself. Mini mindful session are an especially powerful when you’re stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed. They can bring you back to a calm centre, a balanced state, a realigned vision.

It’s easy to create more of a story around mindfulness than is necessary.
This isn’t some new age promise of eternal happiness.
It’s about paying attention to this moment.
Pay attention and be with what is.
That’s all.
Nothing else.

We’re launching the Moment Pebble at the beginning of April 2019 and would love your support in getting this moment movement started, sign up here to stay informed of what we’re up to. Welcome to the movement!


Moment Pebble ( has developed really innovative and exciting tools; tools designed to bring mindful moments to busy days. It only takes a moment. Pause, breathe, give your mind a chance to chill-out. Taking as little as 30-seconds can re-set your focus, your clarity, your energy and your outlook.

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Joanne Cook