Is your Monkey Mind taking over?

Your mind is always on. Moment by moment it’s observing your surroundings, analysing what’s happening and projecting a perpetual running commentary.

You my friend, have a monkey mind. And it can be exhausting.

What’s a monkey mind?

Consider that each of your thoughts are an extension of yourself. They are branches. Branches of thoughts and feelings and opinions. Attached to everything you do. While it might seem like an interesting adventure, wait until your monkey (your mind) enters the jungle, swinging from branch to branch with reckless abandon. 

As on overgeneralisation, it goes something like this:
You’re thinking about lunch when panic strikes thinking about your meeting later. You don’t know how you’re going to make dinner for everyone tonight, before they scatter. Your boss needs that report. You haven’t returned your calls. Emails bounce and ping. Vying for your attention. Babies cry. Glass shatters. Laundry piles up. Cars honk. People talk. Opinions are shared. The world whirls. 

Your monkey is in heaven.

Freely swinging from thought to thought.
Your mind gets no rest.
No break.
No time to pause, breathe and just be.

Going Ape

The unfortunate reality is the thoughts stealing valuable real estate in your head are usually based in fear, lack, worry and doubt. We question, judge and compare. Stress skyrockets.

Worry is woven so deep, we don’t realise we’re drowning in these patterns. It’s part of how we’re wired. Our minds don’t register negativity. Therefore we’re always stressed, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Fears can start out as irrational or pesky, but constant attention creates very real and very exhausting realities.

Too many things vie for our attention so we focus on anything but the present moment. Bingo. A dozen trees brimming with fruit. It’s seducing & encourages your monkey to take the leap. We understand the benefits of mindfulness but we have yet to master being in the world.

Instead of ignoring your monkey, the truth is it can be useful. Use it to help navigate to-do lists and keep up with responsibilities. The trick? Use it to your advantage. Don’t fight the Monkey. Don’t berate it into submission. Understand it, tame it and live in harmony with your furry companion.

You monkey mind can be tamed in just a few short moments. Bring mindfulness to the moment. Your monkey disappears. Now you have some clarity to an otherwise scattered state.

I see you monkey.

To live with your Monkey Mind is to acknowledge your Monkey Mind. While it’s part of you, it doesn’t need to define you. Don’t let the monkey win. The Monkey lives within, but it doesn’t control you. Especially when you’re aware of it. 

Carving out quiet, mindful moments in your day helps alleviate the Monkey Mind.
You connect with yourself.
You give your busy mind a needed reprieve. 

Mindful moments with intention to connect with your breath, yourself, your surroundings and with each other… are going to make an impact.  

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Joanne Cook