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Co-founders Alex and Charlie know only too well about the importance of taking a moment for ourselves…


Alex and Charlie met working at a fast paced digital agency in the early 2010’s.  Discovering a shared appreciation of mindfulness and meditation, they agreed they both hugely benefited from their practice and found that giving their minds a break created space for innovation and motivation. But they also shared a regret.

Despite all their best intentions, both would continually fall out of their mindfulness practice. Which led them to an idea.

What if we had a gentle prompt? Something physical that reminded us to take a break? A touchstone? A little nudge to take a moment for ourselves?           

And so the Moment Pebble was born.

Our passion is developing products that help bring mindful moments to busy lives – making them accessible to everyone, in as little as 30 seconds. Our aim is to help people all over the globe know it’s OK to stop and take a break.

That in fact, it’s to your advantage to do so.

Monkey Mind

You and your monkey mind

…it can be exhausting.