International Association for Generative Change

We are proud to announce a collaboration with the IAGC (International Association for Generative Change) founded by Robert Dilts and Steven GIlligan. Moment Pebble will be the first ever business featured on IAGC web portal. Moment Pebble Co-founder Alex Strang is a Generative Coaching practitioner and sees the launch of Moment Pebble and more widely the Moment Movement as being perfectly aligned with the IAGC’s vision of empowering people to creatively meet the challenges of our time.”


Body & Soul Charity

We are proud to announce a collaboration with Body & Soul Charity an award-winning charity transforming the profound impact of childhood adversity for 22 years. Whether someone has been neglected or abused, trafficked, attempted suicide or stigmatized because of HIV. Body & Soul believe in the transformational power of love to heal the impact of childhood trauma. Everything we do is about building protective factors and increasing resilience to liberate people from adversity and toxic stress. We do this by creating compassionate spaces where people can connect, heal and grow. We are placing two pledges onto our Kickstarter page for people to purchase pebbles for Body & Soul.


Moment Pebble Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

The low down on the buzz word of the moment