How the moment pebble changed my perspective


I need reminders to be mindful. By having Moment Pebble in my pocket, it always jogs my memory to be present. - Conor, Student

I’m an huge proponent of incorporating mindfulness into my day-to-day routine. I found the moment pebble to be more beneficial than an app, as the whole point of me trying to be mindful involves staying off of my phone unless necessary… particularly staying off of social media! I like to carry my moment pebble in my pocket so that anytime I reach in, I remember to breathe in and breathe out. - Ellie, Chief Creative - Bare Design

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I appreciate the Moment Pebble because it allows me to take a break from my day, usually sitting at a computer, to relax and reflect. I also find it to be a great medium for intimate moments with loved ones. Sometimes being mindful alone can be difficult and the pebble allows me to share a focussed experience. Good luck Charles and Alex! - Noah, Sales Director - Brahman Design

Taking a moment, taking a moment, taking a moment to stop myself from saying that thing, to collect my best self to support my friend through bereavement, to be myself. It might be a pebble but I’m genuinely better for it. - Mark, Advisor - Arrested Art

The most special moment in time spent with you and you alone. This is mindfulness at its most beautiful.  Enjoy! - Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP

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I was feeling disconnected from my son and knew that the solution was to just be present. I used my pebble all the time (with a gentle tap of my pocket) to remind me of that fact. It always broke the cycle of over thinking which was immensely useful. - Hamish Grierson, CEO & Co-founder -

I have great hopes for Moment Pebble.  I plan to buy one for each of my children and, unlike their iPad’s, I shall not be rationing their use! - Mat Hunter, MD - CRL

I have always found it a challenge to make the effort to take time out of my day to relax. The Moment Pebble is a subtle reminder to relax, breath and switch off.  Having Eczema, it’s so important to look after my mind and reduce stress, this is the perfect tool to do that. - Lauren, Director - Cosi Care

We all know a good diet and exercise is what our bodies need to be healthy but rarely notice how much junk we feed our minds. Moment Pebble is like a pocket gym for your mind, that helps you declutter your thoughts and bring peacefulness back into your day. - Dorota, Product Designer

Perhaps it is the Future - Nick Ferrari, Presenter - LBC

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